Poster Information


All projects are strongly encouraged to present a poster about their current or planned work.

  • Newer projects – share key features of your project plans
  • Mature projects – share key features of your project design and results

All poster requests will be accepted if space allows

If space becomes an issue, projects or authors who have requested >1 poster will be asked to select one for presentation.


Poster presenters are asked to use the new poster design

NPR article
YouTube video


Poster board dimensions

  • Tri-fold, 36 inches high x 48 inches wide
    • o Side panels are 36” high x 12” wide
    • o Center panel is 36” high x 24” wide
  • We provide push pins and binder clips for attaching your poster to the board

Remember to include the funding acknowledgement on your poster

Include both the funder's logo and text acknowledgement (you can use the official funding language for your project's funder, available in the Notice of Award)

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